Our Story

Before my brother, sister and I were born, my Mom introduced my Dad to golf. It would soon become a family sport that we all enjoyed playing and competing against each other in. At the age of 7, I competed in my first tournament with my Dad pushing my clubs by my side and my mom walking the cart path taking videos on a camcorder.

Fast forward to high school in the heart of junior golf, I was focused on making my dream of playing on the collegiate level a reality. Weekend after weekend my parents would drive me to tournaments near and far, so I could compete and attempt to climb the rankings ladder. In my Junior year of high school, I announced I committed to play golf at the University of Tennessee, a Division I SEC school. This was my dream school, and a moment I truly felt like all of my hard work had paid off. I spent 4 years playing with the Power T on my chest and am a proud Vol for Life. During that time, I was given amazing opportunities teaching young aspiring golfers about the game, and getting to see incredible places and meet incredible people. The summer of my Junior year in college, I proudly represented the National Ladies Welsh Golf Team in Iceland for the European Team Championships. I was selected to represent the Welsh Team after traveling internationally to play in tournaments where my Dad is from in Wales. After college, I decided to stay an amateur and continue to play competitive golf both nationally and internationally, most recently in a tournament at St. Andrews.

One thing that stayed consistent for me was my dedication to dressing my best for every tournament. Even in college golf, I would make sure I could put my touch on a team issued item…even going to the extent of bedazzling my team bag. I would always lay out all my outfits for the week and grab my matching shoes, hat, socks and ball marker to top it all off. This proved harder and harder as I grew older, as I wanted my personality to shine through my golf clothes. I was always searching for something that looked great but also performed. In all honesty, this was close to impossible, and most of the time I ended up settling or sacrificing one function for another.

Something I didn’t expect out of all this, was meeting my best friends along the way. My golf friends have been a constant in my life and have remained my closest friends to this day. The apparel in my collections are named after the people who have been influential in my junior, college, and amateur career. 

All of this has brought me here, to Teleri Athletics. The sum of 26 years of dedication and love for golf and all the moments and lessons that came with it. I want to give female athletes, not just in golf, the same feelings a sport has graciously given to me. I hope to inspire young girls to get out and play a sport as well as older women maybe just picking up a club, racquet or whatever it may be for the first time. Teleri Athletics is my thank you to golf and my movement to give female athletes the clothing we deserve.