Yoonhee Kim stood out first with her incredible golf resume, and then raised the bar with her amazing style on the golf course. The San Ramon, California native has competed in 3 USGA US Women's Amateur Championships, won the NorCal Championship during her junior year of high school, had an impressive career while competing as an Aggie at University of California, Davis...and this is all before turning professional in 2020.

Yoonhee is not only impressive on the golf course, but also excelled as a student-athlete at UC Davis. She was extremely involved with the Athletics program, where she was a SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) Officer as well as a worship singer at a church group called AIA. Yoonhee also had an internship with Compliance in Athletics. As an Aggie, she spent time working junior golf clinics, and now as a professional, she continues to volunteer for clinics as much as possible. 

In her free time, Yoonhee loves to sing, play piano, hang with friends, and cook/bake for her loved ones. She is obsessed with boots, and her favorite color is pink.

We are very proud and honored to have Yoonhee on Team Teleri! Her work ethic and dedication are qualities we are so excited to have leading our Team. We love her fun and kind personality and we know all of Team Teleri will too! Be sure to follow her on Instagram and look for her Instagram Takeovers on our social media in the future!

Top Accomplishments

-3 Top Five finishes in Cactus Tour events (Including a T2nd finish)/1 Top Ten Finish

-1 2nd Place Finish on the Lady Outlaw Tour at Whirlwind Golf Club

-1 Professional win in Rookie year on the Lady Outlaw Tour at GCU Golf Course

-Big West Conference Freshman of the Year (2017)

-All-Big West Conference First Team (2017)

-Big West Conference All-Academic Team (2018, 2019, 2020)

Ask Yoonhee

What is the biggest change you’ve noticed in your game as you transitioned from an amateur to a professional?

The biggest transition I have noticed in my game is that I am going for more things, I am playing without fear and trusting the process in what I can do.

What's the best advice you have for a junior wanting to play collegiate golf?

The best advice I have for a junior wanting to play collegiate/pro golf would be if you want to be successful there are no shortcuts to it. You need to do the work and work harder than anything else. That is the mindset you need to have. You have to play because you actually love golf and have fun doing it.

Biggest takeaway from collegiate golf.

My biggest takeaway from collegiate golf is time management. It can be tough being a student and an athlete but learning how to manage two very time-consuming things at once will help you so much!

What is the day in the life of a professional golfer?

A day in the life as a professional golfer for me is:

A. Wake up and drink a glass of water

B. My Kinect Performance work out and 20 minutes of cardio

C. Eat Brunch

D. Go to the range-work on drills and my swing

E. Eat a snack

F. Practice chipping and putting.

G. Go play as many holes as I can!

H. Eat dinner

I. Journal about the day and make a schedule for tomorrow

J. Relax and stretch

K. Go to bed

What is the best golf advice you've ever received?

Your score does not define you. Everyone has good and bad days, but your score does not determine who you are.

Favorite thing to bake!

Pick one: Junior Golf, Amateur Golf, Professional Golf, Collegiate Golf.

Professional golf. I get to spend all of my time working on my game. I spend all day at the golf course or doing something golf related. I have just realized my love for the game throughout my professional career.

Favorite practice drill.

Favorite practice drill is called a star drill. You need other people do it but it’s a team game where you as a team need to make a certain number of putts in order to finish.

What is the best part of your game?

Best part of my game is my iron play!

What is the best thing you've gotten out of golf?

The best thing I have gotten out of golf is the fact that it has built my character. It has taught me that when I am down to get back up and persevere. It has taught me to be patient, appreciate the moment and be present. I have an understanding that some things are beyond my control and I have been able to accept that.

Favorite Teleri Athletics piece.

The Haley Skort is my favorite

Yoonhee Kim