Amateur Golf


Winner of our birthday contest for an apparel piece named after the winner where she detailed what soccer and golf means to her. Varsity soccer player for Maryville College, Sarah started playing golf when she hung up her cleats in 2018 after 18 years. Second-Team All-South Region selections on the United Soccer Coaches list. She now works as a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practicioner and works on her golf game in her free time. Sarah details that golf gave her a way to challenge herself athletically again with a renewed passion for sport and competition.

We are so thrilled to add Sarah to our apparel name lineup! Welcome to the Team, Sarah!


To celebrate Teleri Athletics 2nd Birthday milestone, a contest was held for Team Teleri on our Instagram for the chance to have a Teleri Athletics apparel piece named after the winner. The goal of this Birthday Contest was to give a huge thank you to all the incredible girls and women we are lucky enough to meet and interact with through Teleri Athletics and sport. This contest was designed to shine a spotlight on the women of Team Teleri and let the Team know their support of Teleri Athletics is highly appreciated, important, and personal.


Sarah shared how quitting soccer after college left her wanting more athletically. For our contest, Sarah submitted a story entry, where she explained how golf was there to reignite the athlete in her, and how it's never too late to start playing.

The Sarah LS Top:

This is our first long sleeve style, and we are thrilled to name it after Sarah! The edgy faux cutouts and fun yet versatile style felt like the perfect piece for our winner of the contest.

Sarah LS Top


One of my favorite memories is playing with my dad against my boyfriend Evan and his friend in a scramble, we were by far the underdogs but managed a win! We had so much fun together!

My advice would be to be patient with yourself. Golf isn’t easy and it will test your perseverance, but it’s worth it! I’d also add that for someone new to golf, try your best not to be intimidated by other or more experienced players, you have a right to be out there too and everyone was a beginner once!

A theme from soccer that applies to golf is sportsmanship. This value is intended for both opponents and teammate. Because soccer is a team sport, great emphasis was placed on uplifting, encouraging, and respecting your teammates. In golf, conducting yourself in this way enriches the game for everyone. 

My biggest golf goal is to break 90! Closest I’ve gotten is a 91, I know I can get there!

The best golf advice I’ve received was to avoid the “hero” shots. As a casual, recreational golfer I have no reason to go for these “hero” shots when, in most cases, attempting them will result in a higher score for myself.

In 5 years I see myself continuing to work as a nurse practitioner in the mental health specialty. I’m very passionate about my work and hope to begin taking students in clinical soon. Of course golf will still be in the picture too!

Similarities between golf and soccer are the importance of sportsmanship, physical fitness, and perseverance. For me, both sports have given me beautiful friendships.

Favorite golf practice drill would be progressive distance putting drills. I find this drill both fun and challenging, distance control is always something I’m working on. I also really enjoy drills that involve a bit of competition between me and a friend!

The best part of my golf game is probably my drive. I’m proud of the distance I can carry as a beginner.

The best thing I’ve gotten from golf is a renewed passion for sport and competition. I played soccer for 18 years, so when I graduated from college and was finished with soccer it felt strange to lose my competitive outlet. Golf gave me a way to challenge myself athletically again. It reawakened a part of my personality that had been put aside. 

Favorite TA piece is the Eirianwen Top. I absolutely love the mock neck collar and scallop sleeves.