Spectator to Player

Spectator to Player

I’m a 62 year old novice golfer. You’re probably asking yourself, “Why would someone take up the game of golf at age 62?” Well, that’s a good question! Here’s the backstory…

I have always loved sports. All sports. But I never really played competitive sports growing up. I went the cheerleading route, which in the 70’s was not considered a sport. At age 30, I decided to try my hand at tennis and I loved it! I immediately joined a tennis team and played in local, state and sectional USTA tournaments. We still do today, 32 years later! Traveling and playing tennis with these ladies was fun and we became great friends! Naturally, when I had children, I introduced tennis to them. My two daughters played competitive junior tennis for years. My husband, (who I met playing tennis), was also a golfer. So, he introduced them to the game of golf. By the time my girls were freshmen and sophomores in high school, golf had won out over tennis. I loved watching them play any sport, but getting to watch them play golf on beautiful courses was the most enjoyable for me! I loved being outside, getting a little exercise, and seeing some exceptional golf courses, all while watching my two favorite people play golf. It was good! 

Eventually, their competitive golf days came to an end and I was left with a lot of time on my hands. No longer was I traveling to watch them play and spending hours on the course. So, what was I to do?  Some might suggest I get my long put-off house projects done.  Hmmmm…..no. Get a job? No, again!  As I was wrestling with my free time, our golf course offered a ladies beginners clinic and I signed up. I have met ladies who have similar skills level to mine and we go out and play and have a blast! I play with a 75 year old lady who took up golf at age 72. She’s an inspiration and so much fun! I can now play with my family and they have been very encouraging. My husband is on a strict “no coaching” rule, which he tries to adhere to, but sometimes he can’t help himself. 

Playing golf has given me a new appreciation for my daughters’ skills and resiliency on the golf course. Golf is frustrating and I don’t know how they kept their composure for 18 and sometimes 36 holes a day. I sure do admire them and have learned a lot about golf from watching them play! 

Ultimately, I have enjoyed learning to play golf.  Should I have started when I was younger? Sure! But I’m glad I was adventurous enough to give it a try now. What better way to spend an afternoon? FORE!



(*One of Diana’s daughters pictured above)

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